Alexandra's path as a spiritual healer began in a moment, when her daughter stopped breathing. Alexandra thought she had died. In that fleeting second, Alexandra met with something she had never encountered before to this magnitude – powerlessness. A woman who had previously maintained maximum control over her life, Alexandra looked up to heaven and said: "I give in." Meaning, "I cannot save my daughter. I deliver this to heaven." With those words, Alexandra knew that her life had radically changed.

She discovered that her daughter had a "spiritual" illness not a medical one (based on a past life trauma). She saved her daughter by applying spiritual therapies that she learned from Jesus.

Shortly after the incident, Alexandra began living the spiritual path. Then, on March 28, 2002, Jesus appeared to her for the first time. Jesus immediately began to dictate to Alexandra messages for 11 books, for spiritual therapies and 1000 meditations. He became and continues to be a constant presence in her life and consultations.


"The Book of Light" wins two second places in International Latino Book Award 2012.
International author and healer, Alexandra Solnado, has just won two second places in the largest and most important Latino book awards in the USA - the 14th Annual International Latino Book Awards - held June 5, 2012 at the Instituto Cervantes in New York City.
"The Book of Light" has won 2º Place in Best Spiritual /New Age Book – English…and "El Libro de la Luz" has won 2º Place in Best Spiritual/New Age Book – Spanish or Bilingual. Same book, in different languages, wins two prizes!
During the evening 148 authors and publishers were honored. Each year the International Latino Book Awards are held during BookExpo America, the largest publishing trade show in the United States. The awards are truly an international event with authors and publishers from across the USA, 14 countries in Latin America, Spain and other countries. In September, "El Libro de la Luz" will be published in Spain, by the prestigious "Editorial Planeta", the largest and most renowned publisher of Spanish language worldwide. If you still dont´ know about "The Book of Light", what are you waiting for?

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