Reading - Jesus is Talking Via Alexandra Solnado

Hello, my name is Alexandra Solnado and I'm about to do a "Soul Reading" with Jesus.

What is a reading with Jesus?

I enter into a state of meditation and accede to the energy of Jesus. I begin to contact Him, and I ask Him to comment on your life. And in order for you to become clearer about this reading, Jesus wanted to be Himself explained to you.

Who is Jesus?

I was a man who lived 2000 years ago. But that's an old story.
More than anything, I am an energy. You can call me "The highest archangel in Heaven". I had to go to Earth 2000 years ago to help humanity to go further. Now I continue to do this, but through my messages.
While at that time the Earth's energy was connected with an Age of Pisces, now I vibrate completely in the Age of Aquarius.
I am responsible for humanity today. It is my responsibility to teach and help to modify a wave of vibration so that the energy of Aquarius can come down to earth.
I am Abundance and Unconditional Love. And I'm going to teach you how to look at your life abundantly and generously.

What is a reading with Jesus?

I'm going to talk about you. About how you have done your choices, and how you've managed to come to this state. I will show you that life is an adventure, and how a life can be abundant, from the moment that your choices become abundant and generous.

What can you expect for this reading?

I'll talk about what is more important at the time.
- Your life
- Your Mission
- Your biggest problem
- How did you came to this state?
- A past life that brought you into this situation.
- What should you do to solve
- Homework
At the end of the reading you can ask some questions.

What should you not expect from this reading?

- That I give you details about the future.
- That I chose for you - I will give you alternatives, but a final choice is always yours.
- That I answer all your questions. There is some information that maybe you simply should not access it now.

The most important in this reading is what you are opened to change your life and to accept that I'll bring what you need, not necessarily what you want. The want is from the Ego. The need is from the soul.

Time of the reading: between 20 to 30 minutes.

More info:

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