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"In this book, Jesus answers all of the questions put to him.
His answers are not objective, he only comments; so that
each of you may then go on to find your own answer.
No one in heaven infringes upon our free will."
From The Book of Light

The Book of Light: Ask and Heaven Will Answer is an interactive book of spiritual wisdom that lets you consult the divine for heavenly guidance on life issues.

Similar to Runes or the I Ching, The Book of Light consists of 17 Aramaic symbols and 272 messages received by Alexandra from Jesus. After concentrating on the divine and your question, you pick two symbols. They will correlate to an answer -- one that is extraordinarily deep, insightful, and always revealing of what your soul wants in any particular situation.

The Book of Light does not tell you about your future so much as it tells you about yourself. It helps you connect to the spiritual dimension.

This book is Jesus' attempt to communicate directly with you, to help you deal with your concerns. The messages from Jesus are always about what is going on inside of you, even if you think the problem is caused by other people or outside forces. The messages always take you back to yourself.

How It Works

To find an answer to a question, choose two symbols (Aramaic letters) out of the 17 symbols that accompany the book.

A chart guides you to a conjunction point where you will find Jesus' message about the question you asked. When you approach The Book of Light from a heart-centered space, the symbols will offer you the perfect guidance that your soul desires.

The messages delve into forgiveness, gratitude, abundance, loss, soul mates, emotional blocks, relationships, self-esteem, emotional neediness, love and other life experiences.